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Sleep with a purpose and bring show-stopping luxury into your bedroom. Maximize your health, comfort and well-being with Malouf’s sleep products. Malouf combines time-tested materials with cutting-edge, global technology to ensure the best sleep for customers.

Malouf Bases

Give your mattress the solid foundation it needs. Malouf offers a variety of styles and materials, from supportive steel frames to high-tech adjustable bases.

Why are bed frames important?

  1. Mattress Support: Bed frames prevent sagging, back pain and restlessness.
  2. Storage Space: Your bed takes up valuable bedroom space. A frame raises the bed off the ground and allows extra space to store items.
  3. Prevent Mold & Allergens: Raised mattresses allow airflow and prevent debris from entering your mattress.
  4. Aesthetics: Give your bedroom a complete look. Bed frames are offered in sleek styles to match any interior style.
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Adjustable Bases

Experience the wonder of deep, rejuvenating sleep with Malouf adjustable bases. Adjust your individual position with separate partner controls on each side. Adjustable bases feature head and foot incline, quiet motors, remote control adjustments and easy setup.

Adjustable bases accommodate differentiating sleep preferences. Slight elevation alleviates back pressure and opens airways to combat snoring. Sit up and read a book or enjoy a tv show with more comfort.

Upgrade and automate customize your Bluetooth® compatible base with Malouf’s award-winning app. The app features automatic Snore Detection™, hands-free voice commands, dual-zone massage, a zero clearance design, USB charging ports and popular preset positions. 

Bed Frames

Malouf creates bed frames to accommodate Twin, Twin XL, Full, Full XL, Queen, King and California King bed sizes.

Malouf Frame Styles:

  • Highrise™ LT: The lightweight platform eliminates the need for a box spring and evenly supports mattresses. This style is ideal for children’s bedrooms, dorm rooms and small spaces. Made from 100% steel, the frame accommodates up to 2,000 pounds.
  • Adjustable Frames: The affordable and simple design accommodates beds of all sizes. 100% steel frames provide long-lasting mattress support for up to 750 pounds.
  • Platform: Create more space for storage by using a platform frame. A box spring is not necessary and the 100% steel frame supports up to 2,500 pounds.
  • Steelock™: This style offers unparalleled strength, sturdiness and durability. The wedge-lock connections create a solid bed frame that’s guaranteed to last a lifetime. The steel frame holds up to 2,500 pounds.

Bed rails

Complete your Malouf setup with bed rails. Securely attach your headboard or footboard to your Malouf bed frame. Malouf offers bolt-on rail or hook-in rail systems. Wire and center bar supports create a stable foundation.

Malouf Bedding

Sheets, duvets and weighted blankets add the finishing touch to a good night’s rest. The science behind comfortable bedding is complex. Malouf conducts extensive research to produce the best and most versatile bedding products.


Malouf offers a variety of sheet styles to fit any price point and preference. The 4 F’s to great sheets incorporate fiber quality, fit, finish and feel. Malouf offers bed sheets that use high-quality materials to regulate varying temperatures, softness, feel and durability. Malouf bed sheets are offered in numerous colors and all bed sizes.

Malouf Bed Sheets:

  1. Linen-Weave Cotton: Natural and casual for a lightweight, effortless look. Mimics the look of linen but gives the feel of soft, breathable cotton. Meets the highest standards in textile quality and is Oeko-Tex® certified.
  2. Brushed Microfiber: Durable and velvety soft, this style offers easy care and a secure fit. Microfiber is stain and wrinkle resistant.
  3. Tencel™ Lyocell: Stay cool and dry with the 100% pure, sustainable Tencel™ Lyocell. This style is more absorbent than cotton, softer than silk and cooler than linen.
  4. Rayon-from-Bamboo: Smooth and gentle, this material offers breathability and temperature regulation. The porous fibers prohibit moisture. Stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  5. Supima® Cotton: Made from the top 1% of all cotton grown in the world, Supima® is grown with the highest standards. Supima® bed sheets are the smoothest and strongest cotton sheets available and become softer with every wash.
  6. Luxury Linen: The intricate weave of linen allows for airflow and the moisture-wicking properties act like a natural antiperspirant. Linen acts as an insulator in the colder months too.

Duvets & Weighted Blankets

Complete your bedding with Malouf duvets and comforters. Malouf duvets feature a patented Duv8t™ fastening system for a better, easier fit. Choose from a variety of colors and materials for a comfortable, customized look.

Try the Malouf the Anchor™ weighted blanket! Studies suggest weighted blankets create a natural mood boost, ease stress/anxiety, promote deeper sleep, facilitate athletic recovery and soothe Restless Leg Syndrome. The Anchor™ weighted blanket comes in 5, 12, 15 or 20 pound options.

Malouf Pillows

Malouf offers cutting-edge technology when it comes to pillows. Malouf’s extensive selection ensures the perfect pillow for everyone. Choose from various materials, features, scents and pillow height (loft).

Malouf Pillow Options

Materials Features Scents Loft
Dough Memory Foam CBD Chamomile High
ActiveDough Memory Foam Cooling Lavender Mid
Gelled Microfiber Bamboo Charcoal Peppermint Low
Latex Travel Sizes    
Down Shoulder Cutouts    
  Body & Pregnancy Pillows    


Malouf Protectors and Toppers

Safeguard your mattress and pillow investment with Malouf protectors. Prevent moisture, liquids, allergens and dust from entering your mattress. Malouf offers 360, waterproof, full and 5-sided mattress protectors.

Purchase a Malouf mattress topper for extra comfort. Malouf offers CBD-infused, gel, memory foam, down alternative and cooling toppers.

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